About Me

I am now a postdoc associate advised by Dr. Ming C. Lin at Maryland Robotics Center in the Institute of Systems Research at Univerisity of Maryland, College Park. I obtained my Ph.D. degree at Colorado School of Mines in 2022, supervised by Dr. Hao Zhang in the Human-Centered Robotics Lab. My research lies at the intersection of robotics, machine learning, and computer vision. My long-term research vision is to study multi-robot adaptive collaboration, with the goal of enabling multiple robots to collaboratively perceive the world and behave as a team for complex tasks.

My theoretical research is highly related to graph theory, Bayesian learning, graph neural network, and regularized optimization. My broad research interests include connected autonomous driving, AR-assisted human-robot interaction and collaboration, as well as the Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT).

I am on the job market 2023, please check out my CV or get in touch!